• $1,740,000.00 (DEVELOPMENT SITE)
  • Available : 1
  • Location : PETRIE
  • Quantity :


riced at $5,800,000 $1,740,000 – 30% Contracard

The proposed development consists 12 x 1 bedroom units, 46 x 2 bedroom units and 24 x 3 bedroom units. There is also student accommodation which has been kept separate from the residents including the entrance (separate lift) and recreation area. There are 40 self-contained rooms. Some of them can be for two or more students to share.
Retail space is as follows:

• Two level café ground floor and 2nd level is 200 Sq/m
• Roof top Bar/restaurant 380 Sq/m
• Retail space by 3 at 260 Sq/m

NO council contributions to be paid – this site has an exemption so the developer will save approx. $2million in costs.

Please note there are only 3 basements parking at this point and the soil test done has gone to 16 meters deep so you can add probably another two basements if needed. We have unlimited building height allowance so this can be done if you want to increase your yield.

We have this DA / BA Approved development site available priced at $5,800,000 with the seller accepting $1,740,000 - 30% Contracard as part payment.

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