• $100,000.00 (SHOP HOUSE)
  • Available : 1
  • Quantity :

$250,000 – 40% Contracard

This new 4 storey Shop House is adjacent to the largest brand name market in Thailand with buyers coming from not only all over Thailand but also internationally as its recognized for its variety as well as quality. Brands include Gucci Calvin Klein Louis Vuitton Rolex etc all copies but of highest quality hence the reason for its popularity with buyers coming from all parts of the globe. Opposite across the border some 300 meters is Poi Pet which is in Cambodia home to the greatest number of gambling Casinos in one location in all of Asia hence a popular destination as its already tagged as MINI LAS VAGES !!

Aside from its position the growth potential in value is significant as Aranyaphranet has recently been designated as an ASEAN DEVELOPMENT ZONE with considerable tax and other government benefits. Future developments include an international airport along with a fast train network from Bangkok to the border. Each of the 4 levels are 80sqm in area, plus a 60sqm mezzanine and a further 80sqm roof garden.

We have this property at Aranyaprathet, Thailand available priced at 6,000,000 Thai Baht ($250,000) with the seller accepting $150,000 cash plus T$100,000 (40%) Contracard Trade Dollars as part payment.

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